Bethlehem Lutheran Church
603 South Main Street 
Kalispell, Montana 59901

Phone: 406 752-6140  Email:



Pastor, Mark Gravrock began serving Bethlehem in mid-November 2010.  Mark served parishes in Kelley, Iowa; Seattle, Washington; and Arlee, Montana, and taught Bible at Trinity Lutheran College in Seattle.  He is married to Peggy Ellingsen.

Youth and Family Director, Kristin Remick joined us in 2014. She is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. She has a degree in Elementary Ed with a Middle School Science Endorsement. In addition to her love of children she enjoys running, guitar, snow and making lefse!

Parish Worker, Kathy Eff  became a member of Bethlehem in 1975 and joined the staff in 1991. Kathy and her husband, Jim, married since 1969, have three adult sons.

Secretary, Brenda Corbin joined the Bethlehem staff in April, 2010.  She was born and raised in Maryland.  She and Roy are both avid photographers.

Director of Music, Paul Gregory brings a variety of musical talents as organist, pianist and director of the Gosbells.  He joined the Bethlehem staff in February of 2000.      

Choir Director, Stephanie White shares her musical gifts by directing the Chancel choir.  Stephanie joined the Bethlehem staff in 2008.

Custodian, Kent Gunderson joined the Bethlehem staff in September of 1997.  He gives careful attention to the church properties, facility and grounds.  Kent is married to Annette and has three children.

Visitation Ministers:

Blair Buckley relocated here 20 years ago from Minnesota. His grandfather is a Methodist minister. With the love of his two sons and his wife, Paula, he survived a brain trauma injury and pursued a new mission in life.

Ted Berg and his wife, Omy, have worshipped at BLC for the last ten years. Ted has served as a Lay Pastoral Associate for the Montana Synod, ELCA since 2004. He has preached at churches in Kalispell, Arlee, Thompson Falls and Hot Springs. He is the father of two sons and five daughters. He and Omy have 22 grandchildren between them!










Church Council

President: Duane Anderson  
Vice Presidents:Tony Nelson,
                     Nancy Brosten                             Treasurer: Bryan Gilbertson                    Christian Education: Lydia Bunten Fellowship: Peggy Aagenes-Janzer        Outreach: Karen Fisher                Property: Mike Galvin          Stewardship: Wayne Saverud  
Worship and Music:Glen Aasheim   Youth: Libby Zimmerman